Rolex Pearlmaster holds a special place in the Oyster collection, it represents the height of exquisiteness with precious metals and gemstones. High End Replica Rolex Pearlmaster is the most brilliant collection for ladies. At the first glance, you will be attracted by its all diamonds appearance, absolutely not low-key, but also not high sounding, just right there. Rolex Pearlmaster ranges the size between 34mm and 39mm, good choice for slim or plump wrist, it must be a personality taste where will add.

Replica Rolex Pearlmaster Diamonds-Paved

Amazing Diamond-Paved Face

Needless to say, the diamond-paved dials are a sparkling symphony to enhance the watch and enchant the wearer. The Gem-setting needs terribly care. our Gem-setters, like sculptors, finely carve the precious metal to hand-shape the seat in which each gemstone will be perfectly lodged. We are trying to meet the standard as a original Rolex, like the precise alignment of the height of the gems, their orientation and position, the regularity, strength and proportions of the setting as well as the intricate finishing of the metalwork.


Quality of Diamonds

Regarding of the intrinsic quality of the stones, we choose the highest Swiss cut diamonds to set on the watch.  We have selected high-hardness diamonds, which are resistant to high temperatures and conduct heat quickly. In addition, our diamonds have a very high refractive index and show a bright luster. It is precisely because of the high refractive index and strong dispersion that it produces a colorful optical effect. It shows that the slower the light propagates in the medium, the greater the resistance it receives, so the stronger the ability to reflect light.


One thing to note is that diamonds are lipophilic. If you wear diamond jewelry frequently, you will find a layer of oil stains on the surface of the diamond. These oil stains will adhere to the surface of the diamond and affect the brightness and gloss of the diamond itself. This also reminds everyone that when wearing a diamond watch, be sure to keep away from oily fume and oil stains.


And Of course, 18ct White Gold

This Rolex Pearlmaster is made of only the purest metals and meticulously inspected in an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. You will see the most beautiful lustre on the precious material 18ct white gold. In our factory, we use the most high level stainless steel and plated a layer of white gold to make sure the watch looks reality. We did as we hope!


And full diamonds Bracelet

The Diamond-set Pearlmaster rounded a five-piece links bracelet of 18k White Gold with Concealed folding Crown clasp. signature Pearlmaster bracelet. You are worried about the diamond will have a influence when you wear the watch? Oh, there is no need . The diamonds on your wrist is a pretty nice decoration.