Rolex Day-Date ore model is completely different from other Rolex dress watches at first sight, because other dress watches rarely have dark color models, this model is easy-recognized and stand out! More and more people pay attention to Rolex ore dial, not only because of its specialty, but also because of its rarity.


At the same time, there is also the meteorite model. Meteorite are one of the important ways for us to study the outer space of the universe, and it is also one of the bases for us to understand a corner of the universe as a member of the solar galaxy. The same is true for the surface of the ore, which forms naturally. Of course, the most beautiful part is that the ore and the meteorite have natural patterns that cannot be copied. Even though there are different surfaces cut from the same ore, each piece remains unique.


Our Rolex Day-Date replica ore model uses hematite material to make dial. The deep russet color of this ore and the light-colored ice cracks are actually similar to previous Rolex Day-Date turquoise model. Like an artist, nature has incredible power that not only inspires scientists to discover the golden ratio, but also inspires more artists for creation. Rolex seriously uses technology and craftsmanship to create an aesthetic of overwhelming precision, using the natural mystery of meteorites and minerals to create a clashing yet actually harmonious beauty!


If our common language is Rolex, I think you will understand what I mean; if our common language is Rolex, we will find those values with which we agree: rigorous, precise and trustworthy , and has the feeling of looking at the stars and appreciate art.