For the previous version 216570 of this watch, this is a quick reminder. It pays homage to the first generation with an oversized orange 24-hour hand. when speaking of mechanical movement, Model 216570 is equipped with a 3187 movement, which has an independent dual time zone function. In addition to the new generation of super clone watches Rolex Explorer II 42mm white lacquered dial watches launched in April 2021, Rolex also introduced a new 42mm Oyster-steel model with a black dial 226570-0002.

 Replica Rolex Explorer II

The Size Of 226570

On the wrist, the Rolex Explorer II 226570 still looks like the big, rugged sports watch we know from the past. The solid steel 42mm diameter case / bracelet combination makes for a big and heavy watch, but there's nothing fresh here, 'cause this was already the case in the previous generation. The new relationship between the bracelet and the lugs brings a better visual balance and perhaps more comfort on the wrist.


Black Dial

The Replica Rolex Explorer II is equipped with a date display, an additional 24 hour hand in orange color and a fixed bezel with a 24 hour scale to distinguish day from night. It has become the watch of choice for speleologists, vulcanologists and polar explorers. The indexes and hands feature a clear, easy-to-read Chromalight display with a long-lasting blue glow.

 Replica Rolex Explorer II

Eye-Catching 24 Hour Bezel

The Explorer II is equipped with an additional 24 hour display; instead of the usual 12 hours, a dedicated hand circles the dial within 24 hours and points to a fixed bezel with a 24 hour scale. This feature allows the wearer to distinguish time of day and night. This is an essential feature for those who venture into dark, supreme environments (like deep caves or places where the sun never sets), like the polar regions in summer.


904L Stainless Steel

Like all Rolex watches, the steel case of this Rolex Explorer II 226570 Black model uses Oystersteel. Oystersteel is extremely durable and provides an excellent finish after polishing, retaining its beauty even in the harshest environments.


Men wearing this black Rolex watch will give people a feeling of total control over time, and the habit of punctuality will naturally give people a sense of practicality. The posture of bending the wrist to watch the time will look elegant and calm, but it is implied but not open, giving people a sense of confidence and fulfillment. It is also a manifestation of personal attitude. The traditional black simple dial shows the man's dominance and self-confidence.