The ceramic on the Rolex bezel is not the ceramic we see in our daily life, it is a special material. For example, the Rolex Submariner we know very well, its first visual experience is shining, high quality feel and scratch resistant. The very classic series of Rolex ceramic watches are the Rolex Submariner ceramic replica, Rolex Sea-Dweller ceramic,Rolex Daytona Ceramic replica,and the Rolex GMT-Master II, including single-color ceramic rings and two-color ceramic rings.


In order to create a perfect ceramic bezel, Rolex has invested a lot of energy in this area. The bezel of a Rolex watch is expensive, 'cause Rolex colored ceramic, is used by gold to color the ceramic, which can produce a variety of ceramic colors. Like green ceramics (gold and silver alloy coloring), red ceramics (gold and copper alloy) can also be produced. The principle is that the classical metals of the Mendeleev periodic table of the 11th group IB use the free electrons in the outermost electronic shell of the atomic structure to induce surface plasmon resonance to generate a visible spectrum.



The biggest advantage of ceramic bezel - -  Two very superior characteristics of scratch resistance and fade resistance, the color part can stay for decades without fading or discoloration, which  the alloy bezel of Aluminum and stainless steel bezel can not overcome. At the same time, in terms of appearance, the ceramic bezel is more glossy and textured! Many regular watches are made of stainless steel and look plain, but the ceramic ring adds a lot to the watch as a whole!



The ceramic bezel does have its flaws, that is to say, it is expensive! Compared with aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the unit price of making it is much higher, and the watch with ceramic ring is more expensive. The second point is that ceramic is brittle and breaks easily when it hits hard objects or is subjected to strong external forces. Unlike metal bezels, which are chipped or worn. Of course, we believe that, the watch as a sophisticated instrument, watch lovers will take care of it and prevent it from being damaged.