In 2021, Rolex Datejust 36 debuted grooved dial style. The grooved bezel design of Rolex  has been applied to the dial, which looks truly amazing! The deep and dazzling pit patterns, depth and angle of the cut surface allow the metal bezel to refract intricate light and even achieve a fiery effect like gemstone encrustation! As a Rolex fan, I sometimes try to speculate on the ideas of the Rolex design team, but I end up with more surprises.


According to our sales experience, the new Rolex Datejust dress watch would be chosen by many loyal customers every year. The advantages of the Rolex Datejust replica model are very clear, formal, elegant and high in appearance! Generally speaking, the two-tone gold style is particularly popular. Gold and stainless steel are neither high-key nor inferior. It is an excellent choice for attending a meeting or attending a dinner party.


Someone had the honor of asking the director of the design department at Rolex headquarters: “How do you approach the so-called DNA of Rolex and the creations that are admired? " He smiled graciously and said, "There's not much we can do. Rolex has very distinctive iconic design elements, we can only keep drawing and drilling ideas and then comparing design sketches over and over, then choose the design that best reflects the Rolex spirit." Although it seems there is no answer, but think about it , Rolex is not like this? He constantly examined himself, constantly criticized himself, and then he looked for ways to improve. Even if he progresses a little and needs a more attentive vision to discover himself, he never weakened.


The neat and geometrically artistic grooved pattern seems to repeat the boring melody, but in fact you can find new ideas from the rules. It's a brand new design, although it uses the precise PVD process with the same principle as the palm leaf, it expresses richness and thoroughness with the layers of light and dark in the regular totem. This is very similar to our life, you will identify more with Rolex without knowing it and choose the style that suits you best. Because in all of our life, we must also encourage ourselves in this way to pursue the ultimate performance of life.