Replica Rolex Explorer Watches FAQS

1 Does The Orange Gmt Hand On Your Average Fake Rolex Explorer Work?

A: Sorry the orange GMT hand on our average Rolex explorer replica is not working, just for show. But it is good for daily use if you seldom use GMT function.


2 What Steel Is On The Most Expensive Rolex Explorer Imitation Watches?

A: 904L stainless steel is used in our super quality Rolex explorer, and this kind of steel is the same grade as Rolex. Different from common 316L steel, 904L steel has strong corrosion resistance and hardness. Not only that, the 904L steel is very pure so that it can be polished into good gloss.


3 Is Your Super Clone Rolex Explorer Models At Price $900+ Fully Functional?

A: Yes, our cloned Rolex explorer replica is fully functional. The GMT function and date display is super practical when you are out for travelling, climbing or overseas trip. The huge orange pointer is also highly recognizable, making it easier to control the time in the dark.


4 Which Is More Deserve To Buy, Rolex Explorer Knock-off Or Explorer Ii?

A: Replica Rolex Explorer:

- Simple design, no extra function, just basic time-reading, good for the people who dont need more function.

- Size 39mm, suitable for slim wrist.


Replica Rolex Explorer II:

- Unique charm. Dual time and date function, useful for the people who are keen on outside activities or travelling.

- Size 42mm, suitable for most mens’ wrist, and very elegant.


5 Is Your Replica Rolex Explorer Watches Ready To Ship?

A: Sorry, our Rolex explorer watch is not ready-to-ship. All of our Rolex watches is Custom-made, which needs enough time to guarantee the watches you get in good quality.