Replica Rolex Day-Date&Day-Date II Guide - Replica vs Original

Wearing a watch to read time looks smart and fashionable, on the other side, as an accessory the watch suits your uniform and where you are going to attend. So I can say if you are plainning to purchase a cool watch then you should surely look for swiss replica wide ranges as per your demands with superb looks and quality. There is no doubt that Rolex Day-Date will be the best partner. 

When Rolex introduced the Day-Date in 1956 at the first, it made a splash as the first calendar watch to display both the date and the day of the week, written in full form. Positioned as Rolex's most exclusive and very noble watch, and taking on the role of the brand's new flagship collection, the replica Rolex Day-Date quickly became the first choice of world leaders, celebrities, athletes and businessmen. 

The Status Of Rolex Day-Date

Shortly after the advent of Rolex Day-Date, it was worn by US President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Coincidentally, the stap that Rolex designed for the watch called the "President" strap, whch also made the brand debut in the 1960s advertisement. The Rolex Day-Date watch was replaced by "President's Watch". Since then, this watch has become a well-known presidential watch, and thas been still loved by celebrities from all walks of all walks of life up to now. 

Arnond Palmer, the legendary golfer and 'King', wore an 18ct yellow gold Rolex Day-Date when he received the PGA Tour Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. This watch has witnessed his forty-plus years in golf. 

Nobility Feature: Precious Metal

The Rolex Day-Date, which came out in 1956, is a symbol of excellence and dignity. It has always been cast only in two precious metals, gold or platinum, and a small amount of models are made of gold&steel. There are some old models that you may no longer be able to buy even second-hand market because they are collected by some collectors. Our store can provide one for you, because our Rolex is made based on the most authentic mold of the original version, helping you to find the feeling of history. 


                             Rolex Day-Date II 228238-0042

At Baselworld 2013, Rolex is proud to present the brand new best Rolex Day-Date replica swiss in 18ct yellow gold, white gold or everose gold, as well as diamond-studded, with a richly colored luxury leather strap and corresponding surface. The unique luster on 18ct everose gold model is because Rolex has added a little platinum. 

Our luxury high end Rolex Day-Date replica are made of high quality gold, white gold and everose gold, plus an excellent team of craftsmen in our factory, some even retired craftsmen from big brand companies, carefully casting, forming, processing and polished to make our watch look amazing!

Nobility Feature: Presidential Bracelet

The President-type bracelet, which sounds very domineering at first hearing. It is a unique and delicate metal bracelet with three rows of semi-circular links. This kind of bracelet is a strap specially made for the famous Oyster Perpetual Rolex Day-Date watch introduced in 1956. This strap is still in use today and is now fitted to Rolex Day-Date watches and some selected Rolex Datejust precious metal ladies's models, usually with Rolex's elegant concealed crown clasp. 

The Selection Of Size

More than half a century after the first Day-Date debuted, the replica Rolex Day-Date watch is good, but the 36mm diameter is not for everyone. Rolex has expended its flagship luxury watch collection with the Day-Date II. At the Baseldworld 2008, Rolex launched the Day-Date Ii, which increased the diameter of the watch to 40mm, taking into account changes in aesthestics and peopple's increasing body weight. The 40mm diameter, paired with the President bracelet, seems to be more in line with the aesthetic standards  of the modern business person. it provides collectors with a larger and bolder way to wear the famous Rolex President watch.


Classic, Elegant, Splendid Models

1Rolex Day-Date II Olive Green Dial

The distinctive olive green dial Rolex Day-Date II is undoubtedly striking, giving it a suave demeanor. To be honest, I dont think its enough to describe this watch as good-looking. The combination of the rose gold case, the white gold case and the olive green dial is really eye-catching. When it comes to dials, Rolex is actually very good at using colors, such as the "Green Submariner", and its green color is definitely unique. And this one uses an unusual olive green dial to make the watch more recognizable.


                                Rolex Day-Date II 228239-0033

Our fake Rolex Day-Date II olive green dial, to the closest olive green, has been tested and compared from all angles of light. With an everose gold case, it can be said to be a classic re-creation of the dial. The hands, words on the dial, the Rolex crown logo at 12 o'clock and the highly sculptural Roman numeral hour markers are all made of rose gold, which forms a sharp contrast with the dial color, fully showing the noble and elegant characteristics, and looks textured rich.


2Diamonds-Pave Models

Rolex Day-Date Unisex-sized Model Rainbow Diamonds-paved model - - shining, dazzling, charming, these beautiful words seem not enough to explain the Rolex Day-Date 36 diamonds-paved model. By combining fine jewelry with fine watchmaking, the look and craftsmanship are captivating. The pavé diamond dial is matched with 10 square rainbow gradient sapphire hour markers, and the bezel of the watch is also inlaid with 52 round diamonds. At first glance, it is colorful and elegant. The middle link of the bracelet is also paved with 412 round diamonds, which is very sparkling.


                                Rolex Day-Date 128239-0019

The case and lugs of our fake Rolex Day-Date Diamonds-Paved watch reflect a subtle sheen on both sides, which accentuates the 36mm profile and adds to its charm. Concealed lugs ensure a seamless visual connection between the strap and the case. Both men and women can feel independent and decisive when wearing a beautifully-inlaid-diamonds Rolex watch.


3Rolex Day-Date II Platinum Model 218206

Rolex Day-Date II model 218206, it is made almost entirely of solid platinum. From the round Oyster case to the iconic half-round three-link presidential bracelet, this 40mm platinum Rolex Day-Date II is stunning. While the Rolex Day-Date II reference 218206 has several different dials, there is also the elusive ice blue dial. Available only on solid platinum Rolex models, the ice blue dial subtly conveys the ultra-luxurious nature of Rolex Day-Date II.


                            Rolex Day-Date 218206-0043

We use 904L stainless steel imported from Germany to manufacture this watch, and at the same time inject platinum components, so that the gloss of the watch can be comparable to the genuine one. Then our super version is a complete platinum covered on the surface of the steel, and the details are also more perfect, which is very worth your $$!

High Quality Movement

At the Basel Watch Fair, Rolex released the Rolex Day-Date, using the extremely precise new-generation Rolex 3255 movement. The new Rolex Chronergy escapement is equipped with an improved blue Parachrom hairspring and a new structural design of the barrel. Powerful technology, including its precision, power reserve, reliable performance, shock resistance, anti-magnetic. 

Our fake Rolex Day-Date presidential  uses a Parachrom hairspring with high shock resitance and anti-magnetic properties and a Swiss replica ETA automatic movement or brand-new cloned cal.3255 with a new Paraflex shock absorber. The precision and stability are very high quality!

Additional Knowledge: The Use Of Fluted Bezel

You can see the fluted bezel design on Rolex Day-Date, everyone may be familiar with, but some people also wanted to know how many grooves on the bezel? The answer is 76 grooves. Seeing them neatly and densely arranged on the bezel, you will be somewhat admired by the brand's precise calculations. Most Rolex watches not only Rolex Day-Date have a triangular bezel that reflects the bright light, which is a feature of the watch since its birth. 


However, Rolex did not use the fluted bezel for the sake of beauty at first, but to enhance the waterproof performance of the watch. The original brand will use special tools to clamp fluted bezel to close the external parts of the watch. The same design, there are also those grooves on the back of the Oyster case, so the grooved bezel would have had real utility. 

At present, replica Rolex Day-Date's only platinum models do not use a triangular fluted bezel but a polished or diamond-studded bezel, which can be more intuitively differentiated from platinum models.