Replica Rolex Day-Date Watches FAQS

1 What Is The Difference Between Replica Rolex Day-Date And Fake Rolex Day-Date II?

A: The main difference is Size. Rolex day-date is 36mm midsize (unisex size), not bad choice of men or women. Rolex day-date II replica is 40mm, great size for most of men.


2 How Thick The Gold On Your Rolex Day-Date Fake Watches?

A: The gold on our Rolex day-date is plated thickly 18k gold.


3 Why The Rolex Day-Date Counterfeit Watch Has Been Called Presidential Watch?

A: Many people knows that Rolex Day-date has a name called Presidential watch. The reason for this is not only the vigorous marketing of Rolex, but also because many heads of state have worn it, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon etc. Other heads of state have worn a Rolex day-date. But Who make it become hot?


Some people think that Eisenhower is really the person, because the Rolex company in Geneva also gave Eisenhower a calendar watch to commemorate his re-election in 1956, and this watch was the Rolex day-date replica launched in 1956. So the Rolex day-date was dubbed the "President's Watch" more or less because of Eisenhower.


In any case, the result is that the symbolic meaning of the high weight of Rolex day-date has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the "presidential watch" has become synonymous with it.


4 Replica Rolex Day-Date Can Be a Great Gift For Friends?

A: The Rolex day-date is regarded as a formal watch, delicate and elegant. For many Rolex players, the day-date watch is one of the must-have Rolex watch, and the details are constantly modified and optimized.


In addition, Rolex day-date replica is called a presidential watch and can also be used as jewelry. It is very competent. The presidential bracelet itself has a unique recognition and a sense of decoration on your wrist. The display of the week and the calendar can also be easily distinguished from other Rolex watches. It is the most iconic and recognizable watch of Rolex. It is the image of the brand and the face of the family.


5 Fake Rolex Day-Date 36 Is Popular During Adults Women?

A: Yes, of course. Rolex day-date 36 replica has a bigger size during all ladies watch, and is elegant in appeal, very suitable for adults women. Especially when you need to attend some important meetings or formal occasions.