How long will the watches work and all the watches of high quality ?
The replica watches we offer are of high quality, they differ from the ones you might find at street vendors. Our replica watches will serve you for a long period of time.
The uselife of a replica watch depends considerably on its owner and the way he treats. If kept away from damage and serviced properly in time, a replica watch will accompany you for ages without any problem.
To ensure the proper work of Swiss automatic movements, you’d better get them cared by your local watch shop in two or three years, as the oils might dry out due to the non-stop moving of the gears.

Why replica watches are so popular?
High-end wrist watches cost thousands, and you don’t wanna pay for it, buying a replica watch is just what you need. There is no limit to choose just a single watch of a single style – the moderate prices of our replica timepieces allow buying a wrist watch for each outfit and occasion. This possibility looks even more attractive, taking into account that the replica watches bought at a lower price look exactly like the luxury originals.

 What’s the difference between Replicas and Genuine watches?
Cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated design and reasonable price – That’s all about our replica watches. And there is no need to break the bank, cause the price tags are very attractive.
Replica watches look exactly like their originals, but are made of cheaper materials, being more affordable for customers. Timepieces like all the other works of art have their copies. Every replica watch offered at replica watches store is designed by professionals who treasure all the best traditions of watch making.

What quality of diamonds do you use on your watches?

The diamonds we use on our watches are carefully selected high quality Swiss cut diamonds - Cubic Zirconias which the look same as authentic diamonds.It’s carefully cut diamonds which gives a 99% exact duplication of the authentic diamonds.

Are all the watches waterproof?

Actually most watches cannot be soaked in the water, just for daily waterproof, Even the servicer of Rolex shoppe dare not tell you "oh, of course you can wear it to anywhere you want even let it stay in the water all the time". That' s funny.
Remember, the chlorine from swimming pool and the salinity from the ocean are bad for watch (outer parts and O-ring); please make it serviced in time.)
All the watches are not allowed to wear when bathing or sauna, because steam is hard to prevent. Maybe one time is okay; it doesn’t mean that it won’t be broken next time.
Watch originally is a precise instrument, better to take care of it. If some fogs inside, you can use dry towel to wrap it up, then use blower to make it drying; If serious, please take it to the watch shop for mending timely, otherwise it will lead to corrosion, ignored, the corrosion will became worse, the movement became broken completely at the last.


 All the pictures are the same as the original ones?
We guarantee that all pictures displayed at our online replica watch store are actual pictures offered for sale at our store . Our replica watches look exactly as the images on your screen. We deal with the professional photographers to take the pictures for our online replica watch store.

 What’s the difference between automatic and quartz movement?
Automatic watches are powered by a self-winding mechanism and don not need batteries. If you wear automatic watch everyday, your timepiece will continue to wind itself on your wrist along with your each action. In order to ensure their proper work for long time, please service them frequently.
Quartz watches are equipped with a battery, they usually serve longer than self-winding watches, but do not forget to replace the battery periodically.

Which payment method do you accept?
We accept credit card payment, Visa and Mastercard with their mark, no discount;
We recommend Western union payment, at least 8% discount, your order will be processed preferencely. 

Sometimes your support response is delayed, why?
we handle a very large volume of emails on our products. We will try to reply all our emails within 24 hours during the weekdays. Please help yourself in finding the answers you want from our FAQ section, we have placed all the frequently asked questions here to fasten the process.