Clone Rolex Watches FAQS

1 Is There A Big Difference In Quality Since The Super Clone Rolex Model Is Much Higher In Price?

A: Yes, there are big differences from other cheaper models, mainly in these parts:

1/ Made of 904L steel (same grade as original);

2/ Equipped with Swiss cloned Rolex movement;

3/ Perfect details around the whole watch.


2 What Steel Do You Use In Your Rolex Super Clone Models?

A: All of our super clone Rolex uses High Quality 904L Steel (Same grade Steel as Original).


This kind of steel is widely used in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industries, highly resistant to corrosion and is extremely durable. When polished, it emits a dazzling light that remains beautiful even in extreme environments.


3 What Kind Of Movement Does Your Super Rolex Clone Watch Come With?

A: Our super quality Rolex models are equipped with Swiss clone Rolex original movement,like Rolex Submariner Cal.3235, Rolex Daytona cal.4130, Rolex Sea-dweller cal.3235, Rolex Day-date ii cal.3255, Rolex Milgauss cal.3130.


4 Are There Any Advantages On The Appearance Of Your Replica Clone Rolex Watches?

A: Our super clone Rolex is Perfect 1:1 cloned. More amazing details processing like the radian of the groove on the bezel, the color of the letters engraved on the bezel, the shape of the Rolex logo at 12 o/clock, the typeface&font size of the letters on the dial, the magnification lens of date window etc., and the glossiness is more brilliant.


5 What Kind Of Gold On Your Super Clone Watches?

A: The gold on our super clone Rolex is 18K gold, and it covers thickly on the 904L stainless steel.


6 Does Your Gold On The Clone Rolex Will Fade In The Future?

A: Please dont worry, the gold on our super Rolex replica models will never fade under normal daily use. (remember: it will be hurt or frayed when you touch something sharp or crash something hard etc., some other conditions of improper use.)


7 Does The 3 Sub-Dial Work On The Super Quality Rolex Daytona Watches?

A: Yes, the 3 sub-dials on the super clone Rolex Daytona is fully functional as original Rolex Daytona, the hour counter, the minute counter, and the seconds counter. Rolex Daytona is the earliest and the popular and hot chronograph.


8 Does Your Clone Rolex Watch Come With Rolex Box And Papers?

A: Yes, we can provide you a Rolex box and papers for replica clone Rolex.