olex has luanched a series of new watches for 2021. The biggest news is a revamp of Rolex’s Explorer, they are 36mm!

Born on top of the world, the latest explorer range was brought to life by The Himalayas where they became the setting for the watches real-life laboratory. Particularly the highest peak, Mount Everest, where the Explorer constantly evolved to meet explorers’ needs. This includes the new-generation Explorer and Explorer II, pieces that have mastered the extreme frontiers of exploration, taking wearers from the highest mountain peaks to the most isolated polar regions.

Replica Rolex Exploer 2021

What makes me striking is Rolex is trimming the Explorer quite a bit, taking it from 39 millimeters all the way down to 36, which is pretty small by modern standards. There’s historical precedent for the new measurements, though. The Explorer is now the same size as the piece that was released right after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to reach Mount Everest’s peak. (They did it wearing versions of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual but Rolex needed a way to capitalize on the achievement.)

As many people's thinking,  the size of 2021 Replica Rolex Explorer Watches is highly controversial. It is completely different from the old style, especially as a sport watch, 36mm seems not match, but looks more like a woman watch. If you have slim wrist,  it can be your choice.